LOTUSPHERE 2008 : The Lotus Solutions Development Lab

This is the lab I am involved in, so come and check us out in the Atlantic Hall (where the partner showcase is). We are located in the left hand corner as you come down the escalator. (where the Lotus Stuff store was last year) The Lotus Solutions Development Lab provides a venue for solution developers from our customer and partner communities to learn more about leveraging and extending Lotus products to bring additional value to their solutions and to their end users. This lab combines self-paced hands-on activities and interactive demos with real-time access to our team of Solution Development experts for brainstorming and guidance on solution architecture leveraging the wide range of Lotus software and the IBM WebSphere family of products.

This lab will position our joint teams as the Universal System Integrators consulting organization. The goal of our "company" is to highlight the solutions we have developed to run our business while also leveraging integration with the Lotus platforms. These include Notes Domino 8, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Connections, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Expeditor and WebSphere Portal. The goal of this lab will be to show participants how to develop, assemble, and integrate these solutions into a functional whole.

ND8 Web Services and CA Component Creation When Universal System Integrators sold Zeta Bank on the project of moving their Sales Lead database to the Lead Manager Composite Application, part of the benefit they were to receive was the ability to customize their application to meet the tailored needs of individual departments. This lab will walk you through creating an additional component based on the Lead Manager and adding it to another desktop application

ND8 CA Lead Manager Tour and Application Assembly Come with us on a guided tour of the Lead Manager application. In twenty minutes you will be able to see all of the features we brought together from their different sources, and how Composite Applications was able to bring Zeta Bank’s tools in line with their business process. Some of the technicians who built the application will be available for you should you have questions about the process or wish to deep dive into the code to see how some of the magic was done.

The Lotus Connections API Using the Lotus Connections Profiles API, you will build an organization chart viewer that will also include a link to store a bookmark of a person's profile page. You’ll then build a portlet which accepts unique IDs and wire that up to an employee service portlet from the WebSphere Portlet Factory lab and wire them together.

Accessing Domino 8 data from a mobile device using web services Following the successful deployment of the Lead Manager application for our important Zeta Bank customer, they came to Universal System Integrators to invite us to submit a proposal for extending this to cover their mobile device driven sales force. Fortunately, USI's choice of IBM Lotus Notes 8 as a base platform and the composite application feature for the client construction, set the base for easy extension using IBM Expeditor Client for Devices and Web Services for Domino. This translated into needing fewer resources to complete the project and so USI was able to submit a winning bid to Zeta Bank that undercut our competitors using other technologies and still left plenty of margin for USI. Come to our lab and let our mobile division explain how we were able to quickly create and roll out this extension to their system and close the contract.

Add a "Team Chat" Menu Choice that Leverages Connection Profiles API Learn how to customize Sametime Connect with your own "team chat" feature. This lab will show you how to extend Sametime so your users can more easily reach out to other department members for help. The solution leverages the department hierarchy available in the Profiles component of Lotus Connections. The same solution could be easily extended to help "connect" your employees to others using relationships unique to your business.

Customize Sametime to Your Users' Needs Learn how to customize the Sametime Connect client so that it parses incoming instant messages for keywords and takes an appropriate action. This lab will show you how to create your own extension point to allow for easy extensibility in adding additional keywords

Knowledge Management by Customizing Quickr 8.0 for J2EE You will use the HR resume solution as the scenario. This lab will demonstrate the capability and feasibility to meet your business requirement. There are two labs: the first one is for business users which will show how to customize Quickr for collection and sharing of the knowledge. The second one is for developers which will show how to access Quickr data or documents and how to customize the Quickr browser UI to meet the customer's requirement.

Leveraging Domino Data in WebSphere Portlet Factory Projects Using Domino Data and WebSphere Portlet Factory, you will leverage the Domino data from the Lead Manager application that will display lead data in the portlet. The portlet will be deployed to the server and added to an existing Composite Application.

Sametime and Connections Mashup Learn to integrate Sametime and Lotus Connections into a business mashup. This lab will show you how to use Sametime Awareness and Lotus Connections Activities with external business data.

Lotus Forms & Web Services Integration Learn to develop an electronic forms solution with the new Lotus Forms V3.0. This lab will show you how to leverage web services with your form to allow data from existing IT systems to be quickly integrated. Also learn how the form can be submitted for processing to a backend process.

Leveraging DB2 and Dojo in WebSphere Portlet Factory Projects Using DB2 Data and WebSphere Portlet factory, you will learn to create a portlet factory project that displays employee data from the DB2 sample database and that will how you how to develop model driven portlets. There will also be an introduction into Dojo Portlets.

Creating Portlets with Rational Application Developer Learn how to use JSF / RAD to create a simple, yet powerful portlet. The portlet will show you how to leverage shipping data.

Using the Sametime Links toolkit to Add Live Names to a Web Application This demo shows you how to use the Sametime Links Toolkit (STLinks) to easily add live names to your web application.

Composite Application for Off-line Rich Internet Application and Lotus Forms Viewer Learn how to develop a composite application that integrates an off-line Dojo-based Rich Internet Application and Lotus Forms Viewer on Notes 8 platform. This lab will also teach you how to develop a Rich Internet Application on Notes 8 and how to integrate a native application to Notes 8 platform.

Workplace Forms & Domino Web Services Integration IBM Workplace Forms is an electronics form solution that uses XForms standard. When integrated with Domino using Web Services, one can pre-populate a form based on information from the end-user. Learn how to integrate Web Services and Workplace Forms.

Demo Stations Come see demonstrations of Notes 8, Notes 8 on Linux, Notes 8 on Mac, Sametime Awareness, Lotus Connections, Lotus Sametime Connect Client, Lotus Quickr, WebSphere Portal 6.0 and WebSphere Portal 6.1 Beta. It’s the opportunity to touch the latest and greatest software and ask questions of technical experts.

Validation Station for Business Partners The IBM Lotus Catalogs are a single point for Customers, IBM Sales Teams, IBM Services and IBM Business Partners to find solutions targeted for IBM Lotus Notes Domino, IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM WebSphere Portal Express, IBM Sametime, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Connections, and Workplace Forms. The Catalogs are a set of external facing websites, accessible to everyone. Each solution in the IBM Lotus Catalogs passes a technical validation. By nominating and passing the Lotus validations, IBM Business Partners can take advantage of the Catalogs. With easy faceted search, Business Partners can enter a solution on the IBM Lotus Catalogs and refer customers directly to the Business Partners’ website. For IBM Business Partners, there is No Charge for this offering.