The Lotusphere 2008 cometh

Don't be afraid. Be very afraid. Your poor brain is about to explode. If you treat your brain a bit like a sponge, as the IT industry demands of most of us. You will keep adding knowledge in the top of your poor information soaked grey matter. Whilst out the bottom trickles a small amount of the stuff you no longer need to remember. Like all the basic programming you did as a kid on the ZX-81, Sectrum or Commodore 64. Typing in the programs from the magazines with your best mate reading out the line by line torture.

That's all fine if you just add the odd bit of something each day. But the full on assault on your poor sponge might well make you forget to walk. So here's a tip before you get there. Right foot in front of left foot, oppose and repeat.

The week long barrage of "all information Lotus" will know doubt tempt some of you to stay up late and listen to the podcasts, whilst the rest of us will add the greatest known lubricant to our poor heavy sponges. You'll find us in the bars, networking. We are not just drinking, we are cementing the relationships we have formed during the day/week/year/lifetime. We'll be adding alcohol to our sponges, it seems to make mine forget what's not important and remember what is. That's very useful at a conference such as Lotusphere.

So this post/rant is not about beer in Orlando, there's precious little of that worth drinking down there anyway. It's about the lab a team in Lotus will be presenting at Lotusphere this year. We've done it before and we hope we are doing it right again this year.

There will be 15 hands-on labs for you ALL to come and try. You can come and help us fix problems that "Universal Systems Integrators" are facing today. Everything from building a composite applications to extending Quickr. Location: We are on the product showcase floor this year. Where the Lotus Stuff Store was last year. (Down the escalator and turn left).

Come find us and say hello.

See you there.

p.s. Happy New Year to you all.