Hello trouble

Marissa and I have just got back from a road trip across the USA, Chicago - New York. Great trip, found some really nice plaes and people along the way.We got back on Sunday and called the cat breeder that we had been speaking to before we went away. The kittens were ready to pick up whenever we wanted. So we headed straight to the breeder and got the new kittens. They are two Bengals and very very funny. They are just doing normal kitten things right now, apart from almost sitting in the water bowl to drink from it. They love water. Complete looney tunes, the pair of them but they will be good entertainment and great company for Nala when she has got used to the idea of sharing the house with them. At the moment it's all a bit of a slanging match and hiss fest. But I'm assured it will calm down eventually. So Bella and Fizz are here and making it very difficult to work from home. I've never seen two more distracting objects in my life.