So long my furry friend

My cat Bootsie has gone, and I'm very sad. He was a very old boy at the end but he had lived. Wow had he lived.

I adopted him from Batersea dogs home at Old Windsor. When I got him he was already 10 years old and had come from a breader. He was a stud, and didn't he know it. Although he'd been given the chop by the time I got him he still used to roam around the place like he was King of all he surveyed. He was a seal point Burman and acted like the pedigree he was. Every morning I would come downstairs to feed him and Nala, our other cat, and he would be shouting at either one of us for food. Like we'd forgotten him or something. If you ever went away for the weekend or a holiday the pair of them would gang up on us when we returned. Bootsie would play all indifferent and act liked he didn't care and Nala would run around like a mad thing. Nala is a Bengal and they are know for being a bit loose in the head. Bootsie would certainly let you know later on that he had missed you. He would come and shed white fur all over the place and try and get as much as possible on your dark clothes.

Well Bootsie certainly lightened up our lives and I'm glad to have been able to give him a home for the past 6 years. He will certainly be missed in our home.